Introducing MouthPad: The Revolutionary Tongue-Controlled Touchpad

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The MouthPad is a weird new device revealed at CES 2024 that lets users control their laptop, tablet or phone with their tongue. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled tongue-operated touchpad that sits on the roof of the user’s mouth. It’s invisible to everyone else, but it detects tongue movement in real-time and connects to a standard cursor.

The MouthPad looks like a retainer but also features a touchpad, which your tongue slides against to operate the pad. The device is fully wireless, and when it’s dead, you can recharge it in its case. The MouthPad is reportedly made from trusted and carefully-sourced dental materials, each with a custom-made MouthPad.

It works with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. It reportedly offers five hours of battery life and takes two hours to charge.

While this might seem like a silly product to some, it’s a big step for accessibility. The team behind the product believes that people deserve universal digital access to devices, and say they’re launching the MouthPad to give everyone access, “Whoever you are. Wherever you go. Whatever you do.”

This tech could be essential for someone who has a spinal cord injury or can’t use their hands.

Source: Augmental.Tech Via: Engadget 

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