Analyst Identifies NFL Team with a ‘Highly Esteemed Owner’

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For years, people have questioned Robert Kraft’s decision-making as owner of the New England Patriots.

Then again, he’s always made it loud and clear that he wouldn’t hesitate to make swift and tough decisions if that’s what it took to keep his team at the mountaintop.

He did just that by letting Bill Belichick go after 24 years in charge of the team, which is something most owners would’ve never done.

Kraft has sent a message and made it evident that he wants to win now and that he intends to live by the standard set by the very man he fired.

That’s why NFL analyst Evan Cohen believes Kraft is an elite owner.

Talking on UNSPORTSMANLIKE Radio, he lauded Kraft for making tough decisions and standing by them.

“This is why Robert Kraft is an elite owner in the NFL, he knows exactly how to get from point A to point B,” Cohen said.

But more than that, he lauded him for already having a Plan B in place and knowing exactly what he wanted and who he wanted to take the reins of the team.

This worked out perfectly for them thus far, at least in terms of owning a successful football team.

The Patriots set the bar for success in all major sports, and Tom Brady or not, he’s not going to tolerate anything less than greatness, regardless of who’s in charge of the team.

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