Samsung smartphones to introduce a feature similar to Continuity Camera

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Samsung has dropped a clue about its upcoming flagship Galaxy S24 series at CES 2024.

Similar to Apple’s Continuity Camera feature, Samsung will soon allow Galaxy phone users to turn their smartphone into a webcam for their Galaxy Book 4 laptop using the Link To Windows app on their laptop.

The feature was shown off by Jonathan Gabrio, Samsung’s head of the connected experience center, during a Microsoft Teams demo. Gabrio also mentioned that the feature will be available with Samsung’s “next flagship smartphone,” which clearly indicates that the feature will be available in the S24 series. However, the Galaxy S24 series devices won’t be the only ones that can use the functionality. The feature will work with any Galaxy phone running One UI 1.0 and above, so even older models can be used as webcams. However, it seems to be exclusive to the Galaxy Book 4 laptop for now.

Laptops normally feature underwhelming cameras, and adding support for smartphone cameras, which generally have great shooters, is a win-win situation for Samsung users.

Using your S24 series smartphone as a webcam will also offer additional benefits, like an AI-powered auto-framing feature that keeps the user centred and focused and a background blur option that hides the user’s background.

Elsewhere, Samsung is also working to deliver seamless connectivity experiences across its devices. To do so, Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 works with Microsoft’s Copilot AI. The integration allows Copilot to access, read or summarize text messages from your Samsung Galaxy phone and even compose and send messages on your behalf from your PC.

“These capabilities mean you can let Copilot track down restaurant recommendations your friends have made in previous messages, search visitor reviews on your browser, then send a message to your partner to ask if they want to go for dinner that evening, all directly from your PC,” wrote Samsung. You can read more about the feature here.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series will be unveiled at its Unpacked event on Wednesday, January 17th. Check out what we’re expecting to see at the event here.

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