First Look at Samsung’s Transparent Micro LED TV Demonstrated at CES 2024

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CES is always full of some significant surprises, but Samsung may have stolen the show already with its announcement of a Transparent Micro LED concept.

We spent Sunday evening with Samsung taking a first look at its 2024 4K and 8K TVs, Premiere series UST projectors, and new Music Frame loudspeaker — but the Transparent Micro LED TV project might be the most talked about concept of the show based on what we just saw.

We will discuss this in greater detail post-show because we have a lot questions about how it will work in a home environment, but this was not an expected show release.

The concept is that in addition to images being displayed on the screen, viewers can also see what is behind the screen; it is like having a window that can also display images.

Depending what is behind the screen, users can create a 3D image with a static background behind the screen in addition to the moving images on the screen; examples might include a cityscape with fireworks or an aquarium environment where you can change what fish you want swimming around.

One of the advantages of the modular nature of Micro LED panels is that users can construct their own screen with a specific aspect ratio; albeit at a much higher cost.

Samsung currently offers its Micro LED technology in the commercial market but that is clearly going to change.

Samsung also revealed new 42-inch and 48-inch TVs that use LG Displays’ WOLED panels.

Another interesting new innovation was a brand new gaming monitor that displays 3D images without the use of glasses through head tracking technology.

Samsung joined Acer and Audioscenic who also have a similar display that also outputs Spatial Audio as well.

We’ll have more updates throughout the week about this amazing new Micro LED panel after Samsung provides additional details.

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