Aristocrat Leisure obtains orders against senior employee accused of downloading company documents

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Counsel for Aristocrat, John Hennessy, SC, told the court that a search of Tran’s property in western Sydney took place on Wednesday this week at 9am. During that search, a range of electronic devices belonging to Tran were searched and seized by an independent lawyer appointed by the court to assess the allegations by Aristocrat against Tran.


“There was the relevant USB, which is exhibit 1, that was the focus of the investigation and then there were five other USBs,” Hennessy told the court.

On Tuesday, Justice Yaseen Shariff issued orders restraining Tran from using or disclosing any of the nearly 6800 company files he allegedly downloaded and any other confidential information or copyright protected material that might be in his possession.

He is also restrained from destroying any of the material while an independent lawyer and independent computer experts assess whether he was indeed in receipt of the documents allegedly downloaded from Aristocrat’s servers.

Those orders also granted the independent lawyer the ability to search Tran’s property, which occurred on Wednesday.

The court has also ordered that Tran hand over any passwords, usernames or other information necessary to access the computers and mobile phones he was provided with by Aristocrat to use during his employment.

The case continues. A further hearing will be held in February.

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