Star Wars Re-Released in Theaters Thanks to a Truck Brimming with Letters

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Lucas and McCallum looked at this opportunity and release from Fox as a way to push the boundaries of the technology they would use for the prequels. They had already been pushing boundaries on television with “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” but the infusion of money from Fox let them take it to the next level.

Here’s McCallum from that same “Star Wars Insider” interview:

“It became another great way for us to explore new technologies and new effects and also try and re-master the films. It became this kind of wacky, and yet glorious, experiment to try and get the films back to what he actually saw in his mind’s eye because everything in the “Special Editions” is what he had written down.

There’s a lot of controversy about certain aspects of things that he changed that people thought that he was just trying to milk it for money, but [at] the end of the day, he’s a very transparent person. You get exactly what he is, and he tells you what it is, and he shows you what he did, and he shows you what he wanted, and you say, “Okay, screw it. Let’s do it.”

And that’s what we did.”

For Lucas’ part, he’s been consistent in that attitude, constantly tinkering to better match his vision for “Star Wars” until he sold the company to Disney. In fact, you can track his interest in improvement by watching each different release of the originally deleted Jabba the Hutt scene in “A New Hope.” Each subsequent release has iterated on the effects, improving them with every bite at the apple.

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