12 Monkeys Actress Almost Cast by Picard as the Borg Queen

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The actress who is perhaps best-known as introverted hotel clerk Stevie on “Schitt’s Creek” played math genius Jennifer in “12 Monkeys.” As Matalas pointed out on Reddit, several other people who worked on the underrated show did cross over to “Picard,” including writer Christopher Monfette (also a co-executive producer on “Picard”), writer-producer Sean Tretta, composer Stephen Barton, editor Drew Nichols, and several cast members.

“Sometimes Easter eggs would pop in without me even realizing,” Matalas admitted, but mostly, “You want to surround yourself with the most talented people you know. And I was certainly lucky with ‘Monkeys.'” Todd Stashwick is the most recognizable featured player in both shows, appearing as West VII leader Deacon on “12 Monkeys” and grumpy but talented Captain Liam Shaw in “Star Trek: Picard” season 3. Aaron Stanford was almost unrecognizable as Ferengi crime lord Sneed in “Picard,” but “12 Monkeys” fans likely recognized him as the show’s time-traveling protagonist, James Cole. Cole’s pal Jose, AKA actor Kirk Acevedo, also popped up in “Picard” as Sneed’s criminal buddy Krinn.

Had Hampshire played the Borg Queen, “Star Trek: Picard” would have featured more than half of the main castmates from “12 Monkeys” at one point or another, but even without her presence, the “Next Generation” reunion show was still a treat for fans of Matalas’ prior work. As Comic Book Resources points out, “Picard” often dropped in names that matched up with “12 Monkeys,” like Jack Crusher’s alias, Cole, and the planet Raritan IV. If our current, twisted timeline allows it, perhaps Matalas will get to make his vision for “Star Trek: Legacy” a reality next and drop in a whole barrel of “12 Monkeys” references along the way.

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