Bill Belichick Receives Touching Message from Julian Edelman

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The New England Patriots could experience a change heading into the 2024 NFL Season.

There have been an increasing number of reports that Bill Belichick’s time with the team could be coming to a close, ending his coaching regime.

Ahead of a possible coaching change, former player and Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman posted his final sentiment to his former coach on Twitter.

Edelman said, “If that really is the end. It was a hell of a run, coach.”

The public opinion of Belichick has been varied throughout the years.

On one hand, he is viewed as a coach responsible for one of the best dynasties of any United States professional sport.

On the other hand, many have wondered if his successes were largely contingent on Tom Brady and his ability to take over the game at a moment’s notice.

The Patriots have only made the playoffs once after Brady’s departure.

This is a potential reason for the team’s downfalls, but several other aspects go into a team’s success.

Regardless of the reasoning, it might be time for a change in New England, even though Belichick has succeeded throughout his career.

The NFL is a ‘what have you done for me lately?’ league; if coaches are losing, it is difficult for them to hold onto a job.

Edelman is one of Belichick’s first former players to wish him well ahead of the potential change, but more well-wishes will come soon.

Belichick has impacted hundreds of players throughout his head coaching tenure, leaving alums appreciative of what he did for them.

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