Box Office Troubles Plague Michael Mann’s Ferrari

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Still, to say the film now has a tough road ahead would be a dramatic understatement. It certainly doesn’t help that 2019’s “Ford v Ferrari” made $225 million worldwide just a few years ago. Nor did it likely help that Sony’s “Gran Turismo” recently gave audiences the chance to scratch that racing movie itch. The real pity is that Mann is a legendary filmmaker with classics such as “Thief” and “The Insider” to his name, with this being a passion project that he wanted to bring to life for decades. To have it crash and burn like this in the early going is nothing shy of tragic. Particularly in light of the very solid reviews the film has received (read our review here).

Mann is, sad to say, a filmmaker who has had a troubled road when it comes to commercial success over the last 20 years and change. He hasn’t had an outright box office hit since “Collateral” ($217 million worldwide/$60 million budget) in 2004, with “Miami Vice” ($165 million worldwide/$135 million budget), “Public Enemies” ($212 million worldwide/$102 million budget), and “Blackhat” ($20 million worldwide/$70 million budget) all disappointing financially. I say this as someone who counts him among my personal favorite directors, making this a tough pill to swallow.

Making matters worse, Mann’s “Ali” ($87 million worldwide/$109 million budget) and “The Insider” ($60 million worldwide/$68 million budget) also misfired in 2001 and 1999. Before that, his most recent hit had been 1995’s “Heat” ($187 million worldwide/$60 million budget). Will that help Mann get “Heat 2” made? Perhaps. But the fact that “Ferrari” has failed to generate much interest with the general public certainly isn’t going to help him convince anyone to finance the venture. Alas, Mann remains a heralded filmmaker with expensive tastes who can’t seem to get audiences to show up en masse for many of his movies.

“Ferrari” is in theaters now.

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