Are Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Already Expressing Love?

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Fans are convinced that NFL player Travis Kelce is now using the ‘L’ word with Taylor Swift as lip-reader experts are examining a video of the couple on New Year’s Eve.

Taylor and Travis have been taking over the internet ever since they went public in September. Rumors have circulated that the two will be getting engaged and/or married in 2024, and it seems that may come true as on New Year’s Eve, it seems Travis told Taylor that he ‘loved’ her.

Lip Readers Are Convinced Travis Kelce Told Taylor Swift ‘I Love You’


Taylor and Travis shared a passionate midnight New Year’s Eve kiss as they rang in 2024 side by side (or should we say mouth-to-mouth.) Following the viral kiss video, fans are examining the footage, with some convinced Travis used the “L” word to Taylor.

“A few people said that it looks like he said “I love you” after the first kiss and I’m literally so unwell,” one fan of the couple said, sharing a video of the two on New Year’s Eve.

Others agreed with the lip-readers, as one fan said, ” I am [a] firm believer that he did.”

Another said, “I rewatched this a trillion times. I believe he did. Im so excited & happy for them. Its gonna be an amazing year.”

As one fan stated, “They are totally oblivious to their surroundings that is a full commit[ment]. I wish them all the best!”

Travis Kelce Admits He Is 'Protective' Over Taylor Swift

Of course, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as the couple has been dating since the summer, and publicly since September.

One user actually pointed that out as they replied, “He either said I love you or happy new year, pretty sure theyve said ily prior to thisjust a hunch! Im just really happy for them & wishing them a forever love.”

As another chimed in, “You think he hasnt said that yet ? The f—ing planet is in love with her.”

“Right?! Plus, I believe they began exclusively dating in about August? Thats almost 6 months in, I am sure an I love you has been said by now on both parts,” one user pointed out.

One user said, “Literally. Ain’t no way he isnt head over heels in love. Especially after having a crush and being infatuated with her then meeting her and seeing how lovable she is. They are both in deep.”

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Plan The Future

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce attend the SNL afterparty in New York

This latest “revelation” comes after a source claimed that Taylor Swift was ‘smitten’ with Travis Kelce, and that the two are seemingly moving in together.

When they cant physically be together, they are constantly texting, calling, and FaceTiming, an insider told Us Weekly a few weeks ago. Taylors relationship with Travis is like nothing shes ever experienced before. They got serious fairly quickly and she was proud to show off their relationship from the jump.

They are also reportedly having ‘deep conversations’ about their future.

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