2024 LG Soundbars: Latest Updates and Information

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LG Electronics (LG) has already pulled back the curtains on its new TV lineup for 2024 and we’re now getting the details on three new soundbars from the Korean manufacturer; the 2024 lineup will include the S95TR, SG10TY, and S70TY.

Tip: U.S. pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.

What do we know so far?

To make connecting and setting up a soundbar easier, all three soundbars come equipped with the WOWCAST interface. Using your LG TV Remote, you can see and manage the Soundbar menu on a compatible LG TV screen.

Triple Level Spatial Sound: All three soundbars feature LG Triple Level Spatial Sound technology which provides channel analysis through a 3D engine to create a virtual soundfield between the front and upfiring speakers to provide a bubble of sound around the listener. Each new soundbar is also Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible.

AI Room Calibration: Included on all three sound bars, LG’s AI Room Calibration analyzes the environment of a room in real time and adjusts the audio settings to best match the room’s acoustics. For 2024, AI Room Calibration has been updated to calibrate the rear surround speakers, supporting more flexible installation options.


2024 LG S95TR Soundbar System

The S95TR will be LG’s 2024 flagship model. It incorporates a 15-channel configuration with a system power output of 810 watts.

Within the 15-channel configuration, the S95TR features 5 upward firing channels (including an upward firing center channel) which is designed to deliver an expanded immersive soundstage and enhanced dialog clarity. The upward firing center channel is angled so that dialog appears to come directly from the TV screen. 

The S95TR also features upgraded tweeters for clear and precise audio, as well as a passive radiator to add more support for low frequencies, providing better balance between the soundbar and the subwoofer. 

Tech Note: The channel number, exact driver complement, and power output specifications for the SG10TY and S70TY soundbars have yet to be disclosed but we anticipate learning more at the show next week.

LG WOW Orchestra
LG WOW Orchestra

Additional audio support includes the incorporation of WOW Interface (mentioned previously), WOW Orchestra, and WOWCAST.

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  • WOW Orchestra integrates select LG Sound Bars with the TV’s speakers, providing a more immersive 3D sound experience. 
  • WOWCAST allows you to Transmit audio to your compatible LG soundbar wirelessly from a compatible LG TV. 

This Wi-Fi-enabled soundbar now provides native support for TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect


2024 LG SG10TY Soundbar Lifestyle

The SG10TY soundbar is designed to complement LG’s premium OLED TVs. Just like the S95TR, the SG10TY can provide an immersive audio experience with WOW Orchestra, WOW Interface, and WOWCAST.

Connecting WOWCAST to the SG10TY model and an LG premium OLED TV creates a wireless home entertainment experience with no visible cables between the screen and the soundbar. 

The visual design of the SG10TY complements the width and frame colors of LG OLED TVs, resulting in a pleasing match when paired with an ultra-thin OLED TV.


LG QNED TV 2024 Lifestyle
2024 LG QNED TV with Soundbar

The S70TY soundbar is designed to be the ideal companion for LG’s QNED TVs.

The S70TY features a simple and compact design. Just as with the other two soundbars, S70TY incorporates an upward firing center channel speaker along with the rest of its speaker complement. 

The S70 supports WOW Orchestra and the WOW Interface but does not support WOWCAST as it does not support WI-FI.

For mounting, the S70YT offers an optional dedicated bracket. This allows users to place the soundbar directly beneath the QNED TV for a more refined appearance. This bracket provides a convenient solution for direct attachment, eliminating the need to drill holes in the wall during installation. The bracket allows customizable wall-mounting of the S70TY soundbar at various heights or locations.

There’s More…

Along with the three new soundbars, LG is also introducing new party speakers and earbuds for 2024.

LG XBOOM Party Speaker

The forthcoming LG XO2 offers the same type of omnidirectional sound as the currently popular LG XBOOM 360 speaker in a more compact size. Its conical-cylindrical design radiates sound in all directions, ensuring consistent, high-quality audio enjoyment for everyone in the listening space. 

LG XO2’s compact dimensions, along with its 20-hour battery life and IP55 rating, increase its portability and versatility. The most recent XBOOM 360 speaker boasts unique 360-degree mood lighting using audio reflectors, presenting a new lighting design that emanates a sense of openness and diffusion.

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LG TONE Earbuds

LG’s forthcoming 2024 TONE Free earbuds continue to be ideal for an on-the-go option with user-centric features and a comfortable fit. 

The forthcoming Tone T90S offers balanced sound, improved Dolby Head Tracking, and refined Adaptive ANC. The T90S also supports Plug-in and Wireless operation, allowing users to enjoy shows, movies, and music on non-Bluetooth devices by using the charging case as a Bluetooth transmitter.

From Lee Jeong-seok, head of LG Home Entertainment Company’s audio business: “LG has always been committed to delivering unmatched audio-visual experiences with superior quality, all to bring a better life to our valued customers,…We remain dedicated to providing immersive home entertainment experiences through LG’s premium soundbar products, ensuring our customers enjoy the very best with further enhanced surround sound optimized for LG OLED TVs and LG QNED TVs.

More Info To Come

Additional product specifications, pricing, and availability for LG’s 2024 soundbar line are still forthcoming. When that information is provided, it will be added to this article.

Tip: For those attending CES 2024, LG’s forthcoming home entertainment innovations and technologies will be on display from January 9-12 in booth #15501, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center. 

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