Samsung Develops Smart Sensing System for Automated Semiconductor Production

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Samsung has a bold ambition. It wants to fully automate the production of semiconductors without the need for humans.

The information was first shared by Korean publication ETNews, via TomsHardware.

According to the report, Samsung is developing a new system called the “Smart Sensing System,” which will essentially monitor and analyze the production process in real-time, starting with plasma uniformity, a key factor that affects the quality of semiconductor manufacturing. By 2030, Samsung aims to completely automate the semiconductor production process. This will require the tech giant to use advanced systems that can handle large amounts of data and optimize equipment performance automatically.

The company is also reportedly investing heavily in projects like smart sensors, hoping to gain a competitive edge in the global chip market. Currently, the company is working on Smart Sensors that are designed to measure the uniformity of plasma during the semiconductor manufacturing process.

The development of the Smart Sensing System is a collaborative effort between Samsung and its partners and academic institutions. You can read more about it here.

Source: ETNews, via: TomsHardware

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