An Unforgettable Enterprise Episode: Breaking Star Trek Canon While Honoring a Beloved Villain

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Here’s the history of the Borg onscreen in “Star Trek,” at least as it’s relevant to “Regeneration.” They were introduced in “Next Generation” season 2, episode 16, “Q Who.” Q (John de Lancie) throws the Enterprise-D into the far reaches of space to teach Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) a lesson in humility.

The Enterprise-D soon meets the Borg, who from the beginning are a terrifying force; trying to negotiate with them is like doing so with a hurricane. The barren planets of star system J-25, marked by craters where cities once stood, are a sign of the Borg’s ravenous drive to consume. Season 3 finale “The Best of Both Worlds” then establishes the Borg don’t just consume technology, they assimilate other beings into their hive mind; Picard is kidnapped and briefly made Locutus of Borg.

In the second “TNG” movie, 1996’s “First Contact,” the Borg are the villains. They travel back in time to 2063, attempting to stop Zefram Cochrane (James Cromwell) from making, well, first contact with the Vulcans. That way, they can assimilate Earth and prevent the Federation from ever forming. The Enterprise destroys the time-traveling Borg’s ship (a sphere-shaped vessel) in orbit of Earth.

To include the Borg, “Regeneration” reveals some of the Borg Sphere’s wreckage landed in the Arctic. In 2153, three scientists discover this, alongside two hibernating drones. Soon, a mini Borg collective is carving its way through space.

Producer Brannon Saga said that he thought the Borg appearing on “Enterprise” would be a “cheap trick” until a colleague suggested tying it into “First Contact.” “It was such a great concept I couldn’t resist it,” Braga recounted.

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