Government now allows female employees to nominate their child for pension ahead of their husband

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A female government servant or pensioner may now nominate their children for family pension in precedence of her husband in cases of marital discord, the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions announced on Tuesday.

Currently, the family pension is first granted to the spouse after the death of a government servant. The children and other family members become eligible for family pension only after the spouse of the deceased government servant becomes ineligible for family pension or dies.

The ministry said that its Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare had been receiving a large number of references from Ministries/Departments seeking advice as to whether a female government servant can be allowed to nominate her eligible child/children for family pension in place of her spouse in the event of marital discord.

The female employee will be eligible to nominate their children to receive a family pension before the spouse if there is a pending divorce case in any court. The pension can be given to the children if the female has filed a case against her husband under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act or Dowry Prohibition Act or under the Indian Penal Code.

The ministry further said that if a deceased female government employee is survived by a widower with a child who has attained the age of majority but is or is eligible for family pension, the family pension will be payable to such child.

In the case of a minor or child with a disability, the pension will go to the guardian. The child will be eligible to get the pension after they attain adulthood.

Moreover, if the children are ineligible to receive the family pension, it will be paid to the widower till his death or remarriage, whichever is earlier.

“This amendment is progressive in nature and would empower women employees/pensioners significantly,” the ministry said. 

First Published: Jan 02 2024 | 1:39 PM IST

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