Family Members of the Stars (and the Show’s Creator) Featured in the Cast of Bones

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In a Christmas-centric “Bones” excursion full of hijinks, including Emily Deschanel’s Temperance Brennan taking off her FBI colleague Seeley Booth’s (David Boreanaz) pants for “evidence” (an amusingly blatant escalation of the pair’s then-ongoing will-they/won’t-they dance), the biggest joke in season 5’s “The Goop on the Girl” involves Brennan’s “second cousin,” Margaret Whitesell (Zooey Deschanel). And if you expected this episode to play it cool and refrain from nudging you with its elbow by firing off some “You two could be sisters!” cracks, then, well, you clearly don’t know “Bones.” After all, this is the same show that had Booth name-dropping Scully and Mulder in its pilot.

To its credit, “Bones” was more subtle about incorporating other members of the cast and crew’s family. Notably, Caleb Deschanel stayed behind the camera while directing season 2’s “The Glowing Bones in ‘The Old Stone House.'” Meanwhile, Boreanaz’s father (real-life TV broadcaster Dave Roberts) made an uncredited cameo as an FBI agent using a copier in the show’s landmark 100th episode, “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” (which Boreanaz also directed). He would later return this time credited as David T. Boreanaz as a news reporter for the series finale, with his son once again calling the shots.

Appearing on Live in 2017, Boreanaz confirmed that his mother,Patti Boreanaz, additionally cameoed in the series finale to “pass me off a file,” while his son, Jaden, cameoed as a selfie-snapping fan of demolition derby competitor “Filthy Rich” (Jaime Bergman, who’s married to Boreanaz) in season 12’s “The Steal in the Wheels.” Even Boreanaz’s daughter Bella joined the party with a minor role during season 11’s “The Movie in the Making” (as apparently did Emily Deschanel’s son Henry, assuming you trustthe “Bones” fan wiki).

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