Contradiction Arises as Cory Bernardi Takes Different Stance on Ukraine Compared to Lachlan Murdoch’s Visit to Kyiv

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“We are fortunate that Australia sent less than a billion dollars into the black hole of corruption known as Ukraine.”

Bernardi, a former conservative politician, declined to comment on Murdoch’s visit.

A week ago on Monday, Murdoch met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv. On Tuesday, prominent Sky News commentators lauded their new boss.

(From left) Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, News Corp chair Lachlan Murdoch and Sun reporter Jerome Starkey in Kyiv.

“This is more than ‘my boss went to Ukraine’,” Andrew Bolt said on Tuesday night, noting it as a particularly big deal due to Murdoch being “even more of an introvert” than him.

“Freedom needs champions, and I am proud that Lachlan Murdoch is one,” he said.

“Contrary to popular belief, the Murdochs do not tell their journalists what to say, which is why, for instance, you get more difference of opinions here on Sky News than on the ABC, as you saw during the Voice referendum,” said Bolt.

Commentators Sharri Markson and Paul Murray also commented on Murdoch’s trip, the former calling it “an incredible show of support from the very top of our company”.

However, it was Bolt who got stuck into “far-right journalists, conspiracy theorists and apologists for Russian war criminal Vladimir Putin” in America for peddling anti-Ukrainian sentiment.

Bolt said Carlson’s coverage was “poisonous”, and enough for him to have lost his job over.

“Tucker wasn’t sacked because of Ukraine comments, but I think he should’ve been. But that’s just me.”


A Sky News Australia spokesperson said as a news and opinion network, it broadcasts a wide range of views on all topics and events.

“We passionately debate and discuss the issues through our journalism, commentary, and analysis, which is important to a healthy democracy.”

The spokesperson also said opinion hosts are free to hold their own opinions, often disagreeing with each other across a range of issues.

Fox News and Sky News will air a special this week from the trip to Ukraine, showing the company is going “all in” supporting Ukraine, according to Murray.

Republican Party presidential primaries are set to begin in January.

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