The Limitations of Excelling at Your Job: Why It’s Not Enough to Get Ahead

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First, highlights achievements from the week just ended. Next, highlight how you supported the team’s objectives, for example how you contributed to team projects, mentored colleagues, or collaborated across departments.


End your update by providing insights on your priorities for the upcoming week. Outline the tasks you plan to work on and the goals you hope to achieve to provide transparency and accountability.

This practice not only keeps you on your leader’s radar but also showcases your commitment and proactive communication. Of course, find a rhythm that works best for you.

2. Understand company priorities. Every company has its core values and top priorities that drive its vision and strategy. Recognising and aligning with these can set you apart.

Engage in regular conversations with your superiors and peers to understand what truly drives the company.

For instance, say you’re at a tech startup that values innovation above all. To stand out, take initiative in brainstorming sessions or propose fresh strategies that align with this value. Give people a reason to pay attention – otherwise, it’s too easy for you to be overlooked.

3. Network beyond the office. Building relationships is often the key to unlocking hidden opportunities. Your skills get you in the door, but your network helps you climb the ladder.

Dedicate time each week to nurture relationships both inside and outside your company. Attend industry seminars, join relevant groups on platforms like LinkedIn, and don’t shy away from reaching out for virtual coffee chats. Remember, opportunities don’t just come from who you know, but who knows you.

The takeaway for the driven professional? Recognise that doing your job with excellence is only the foundation, not the sole criteria. Be strategic in visibility, understand your company’s priorities and build relationships. Make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed – because if you don’t, no-one else will.

Shadé Zahrai is a behavioural strategist, and award-winning peak performance educator to Fortune 500s. Co-founder of Influenceo Global, she advises global brands on matters spanning leadership, culture and performance. Follow her on LinkedIn here.

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