Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Strong Connection with Sabine’s Challenges in Ahsoka

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Sabine isn’t an easy character. She’s rebellious, determined, and easily frustrated with what she cannot do yet. Sound familiar? It does to Bordizzo. She said, “Part of the reason Ahsoka originally had issues trusting Sabine was because I reminded her so much of her master in some ways, in terms of the internal struggle I was going through.” It makes sense, particularly after getting to see so much of a younger Anakin (voiced by Matt Lanter) in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” It gave us an idea of what could have been if he hadn’t fallen to the dark side. Sabine, like Anakin, feels likely to be tempted, but with those around her having dealt with what Anakin has become, they are unlikely to let her fall as well.Bordizzo said that she understands what Sabine is going through:

“We’re the same age, actually, Sabine and I. I was 28 when we shot it, and everything I was going through in life at that age, I wanted to channel it. She wasn’t a teenager anymore, but she’s still someone who needs guidance. Where I was at in life was very parallel to her. I was just at a big crossroads. Your late 20s can be kind of rough. You’re getting past a lot of stuff that used to interest you and moving into a new chapter.”

That is especially true if you have Force powers. You get frustratedand you have the power to do something about it? That’s tempting when you’re going through what Sabine is.

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