Google Messages: Exciting New Animations for Message Reactions in the Works

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Google Messages has become the default messaging application for a majority of the Android smartphone market.

The messaging application already offers solid functionality, like automatic voice message transcriptions, the option to watch YouTube videos without leaving the Messages app, RCS support, and more.

The application also supports message reactions, though Google is now working on adding some more fun and flair to the reactions with new animations, first shared by TheSpAndroid.

A reliable source, AssembleDebug, was able to uncover some hidden flags in the latest Google Messages beta (20231121_01_RC00) that enable these new animations.

Currently, reactions just show small emojis that pop up when you long-press a text and select one. With the update, however, Google Messages is taking a hint from Telegram. Selecting emoji reactions will now show larger, more colourful, and more expressive animations. Check out some reactions in the video below, as shared by AssembleDebug.

Selecting the ‘heart’ reaction now shows a big heart animation with multiple small lingering hearts, while the ‘thumbs up’ reaction shows an animation of three hands with their thumbs up. Similarly, when you react with the sad/crying emoji, an umbrella appears over the text and raindrops fall down.

Considering that Apple will soon support RCS messaging, users would be able to send these updated reactions to both Android and iOS users.

It’s worth noting that the new reaction animations are still in development and not available for everyone yet. We are not sure when the feature will roll out publically.

Read more about the feature here.

Image credit: TheSpAndroid

Source: TheSpAndroid

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