TV Shows: Ensuring Timely Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians in Four Days

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Truce between Hamas and Israel allows aid trucks into besieged Gaza.

A four-day truce in Gaza has come into effect, and an eerie calm not seen in seven weeks hangs over the besieged enclave.

During the four-day pause in hostilities, desperately needed humanitarian aid will be allowed into Gaza.

Palestinian group Hamas says about 200 trucks carrying food, water, medical supplies and fuel will enter the strip daily.

That’s a fraction of the aid brought into Gaza every day before the war.

Then there are logistical challenges and the tight timeframe.

Realistically, how much humanitarian aid can be distributed in just four days?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Nebal Farsakh – Spokesperson for the Palestine Red Crescent Society, one of the aid organisations coordinating relief efforts on the ground in Gaza

Akiva Eldar – Political analyst and columnist for Israeli newspaper Haaretz

Nour Odeh – Writer and political analyst

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