The Insightful Message Behind the Wish End Credits Scene: Disney Animation’s Lasting Legacy

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In “Wish,” Asha’s 100-year-old grandfather has a wish to create something that inspires future generations. Based on his own visualization of the wish, he imagines that he will do so through music. At the end of the film, Grandfather Sabino is playing music for the city of Rosas, entertaining his neighbors with his fantastic lute playing just how he imagined. This could have been a sufficient sign that Sabino’s wish came true, but the filmmakers took it a step further. During the end credits, he sits and looks at the stars, playing his lute, and starts plucking what audiences will instantly recognize as “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

This implies that Asha’s grandfather got his wish not just to play music, but to inspire a generation, and canonically establishes him within the Disney universe as the true author of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” As this song would eventually come to define Disney and inspire generations of fans, creatives, and Disney’s legacy, we are all the result of Sabino’s wish coming true. Another theme in “Wish” is that all of us are made of the same materials that make up stars (which is true!), which implies that we can all make our wishes come true because the magic of the stars is within us all. Sabino fulfills his wish by betting on himself and following his dreams, and the result is a song that has become everlasting.It’s a full-circle moment for the story, Disney’s place in culture, and the legacy of animation. A company that almost crumbled multiple times over the last 100 years, but continued to wish upon itself, and became the most powerful entertainment conglomerate in history.

Wish on yourself, kids. Dreams can come true.

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