Heat Analyst Identifies a Possible Major Issue

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Although some people thought they’d have a rough season, the Miami Heat have gotten off to a good start.

They currently hold a 10-5 record, which puts them as the fourth-best team in the East.

The Heat have been on a roll lately but Yozzi Gozlan warns, via Dru Star on Twitter, that tough times could be ahead for the team.

Gozlan noted that the Heat have the ninth-best offense and seventh-best defense during the last ten games but that could change when they receive Tyler Herro again.

Herro, who has been terrific, is currently injured but when he comes back the Heat will need to find a way to smoothly reintegrate him.

Is that possible or will there be an adjustment period when the Heat can’t afford one?

Herro is currently working through a Grade 2 ankle sprain.

He is in a walking boot right now and will be re-evaluated by the team in about two weeks so they can make plans to either place him back in the lineup or continue to work without him.

The Heat have won their last eight of ten games and have surprised many by remaining very competitive so far in 2023-24.

During the summer, the Heat lost a few of their important role players, like Max Strus and Gabe Vincent.

Those losses, along with the failed attempt to land Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers, had some people thinking the new season wouldn’t be a great one for the Heat.

But like they have so many times before, the team shut down critics and proved they can’t be counted out.

They are eager to get Herro back but placing him in the rotation again could present a few challenges that may compromise the roll they’ve been on lately.

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