Rare Black Friday Discount on Formovie Theater: Best Deal for 4K UST Projector

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While there are many projector deals available in the days leading up to Black Friday and beyond, not all of them are on UST projectors you’d actually want to own. One exception is the Formovie Theater. Winner of the Laser TV Showdown for two years in a row, the Formovie Theater offers excellent picture quality and audio performance and a screen size up to 150 inches in an affordable package.

While the Formovie Theater can be purchased on Amazon, the best deal on it is available directly from its U.S. distributor, For a limited time, is offering the Formovie theater directly to consumers for $2799.99. That’s $200 below its normal discount price and a full $700 below its retail price.

> Check it out here: Formovie Theater on

The Formovie Theater 4K UST projector is the first U.S offering from the company, and it has been earning rave reviews in multiple publications and web sites. It took home the top ranking in both this year’s and last year’s Laser TV Showdown. The Formovie scored higher overall than projectors costing two and even three times its price. I’ve seen and heard the Formovie Theater in action and highly recommend the unit for big screen home entertainment.

The Formovie Theater features 4K resolution, triple laser RGB lighting and Dolby Vision HDR. It features 2,800 Lumens of peak brightness and can reproduce 107% of the REC.2020 color gamut. This means it excels with high quality 4K HDR content, though it also does a good job upconverting SD and HD content like broadcast sporting events, awards shows and Blu-ray Discs.

Unlike most of the competition, the Formovie Theater also offers excellent sound quality, thanks to an integrated speaker system designed by British audio legends, Bowers and Wilkins. Check out my coverage of UST sound quality at the 2023 Showdown.

The Formovie Theater can project images up to 150 inches diagonally against a white wall, but you’ll get even better performance if you match it up with a dedicated projection screen. ProjectorScreen is currently offering bundle deals on screens when purchased with the Formovie projector.

Formovie Theater Features

What’s the Deal with UST?

If you hear the word “projector” you might associate that with dark rooms and complicated installations. But unlike standard projectors which need to be placed somewhere in the middle or back of your room on a coffee table or on a ceiling-mount, UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors can be placed right next to a wall and still generate a huge image. If you’re going to use the projector in a bright room, we’d recommend pairing it with a lenticular ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen. These types of screens absorb ambient room light while focusing the projector’s light directly toward the viewing area. This allows you to see a bright vibrant image, even in well-lit rooms.

The only notable drawbacks of the Formovie Theater are that its’ built-in Android TV streaming platform does not include native support for Netflix (a common issue in Android TV-based displays) and the projector does not support 3D content. To work around the Netflix inssue, we’d recommend pairing it with a streaming stick like the FireTV 4K Max or Roku 4K. And as for 3D content, well that’s pretty hard to even find these days so the lack of 3D support is probably not a showstopper for most buyers.

This deal won’t last so if you’re in the market for a UST projector, definitely check it out:

Formovie Theater Black Friday Deal on

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