NFL Fans Criticize Jack Harlow’s Halftime Performance in Lions-Packers Thanksgiving Game as “Terrible”

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Jack Harlow’s halftime performance in the Lions-Packers Thanksgiving game did not go down well on social media.

The ‘Tyler Hero’ rapper took to Ford Field at halftime to perform a medley of his hits, but it’s fair to say NFL fans were not feeling it.


The rapper and singer came out at halftime at Ford Field to perform a medley of songsCredit: Twitter

“Feels like Jack Harlow had no chance with that set design.. he was walking on plastic at one point,” said ESPN’s Pat McAfee. 

‘I like Jack Harlow but the production value of this halftime set is pathetic’, one person wrote.

‘Glad I’m not the only one who HATED that Jack Harlow half time show…It was TRASH,’ another said.

‘Jack Harlow is actually so bad how is he popular lol’, a third commented.

‘Jack Harlow with the worst halftime show I’ve ever seen’, a fourth remarked.

‘This Jack Harlow performance is terrible’, someone else said.

Many also didn’t seem to get the theme of the performance which featured a giant igloo and lots of cheerleaders.

The performance didn’t seem to go down much better inside Ford Field either. The atmosphere was subdued at best and failed to pump up those in attendance.

The 'Tyler Herro' hitmaker came out of a giant igloo in the middle of Ford Field


The ‘Tyler Herro’ hitmaker came out of a giant igloo in the middle of Ford FieldCredit: Twitter

It was announced in October that Harlow would perform during halftime of the game between the Lions and Packers.

“I’m proud to say I’m doing the halftime show at the Thanksgiving game in Detroit here in a little under a month,” Harlow announced after the news broke.” “It’s wonderful.”

The 25-year-old is best known for tracks ‘Tyler Herro,’ ‘First Class’, ‘WHATS POPPIN’ and ‘Nail Tech’. He’s also worked with the likes of Drake, Eminem, Drake and Lil Wayne, and has been nominated for six Grammys.

Harlow also made his acting debut in 2023 in the film ‘White Men Can’t Jump’.

The Packers led 23-6 at the half after QB Jordan Love threw two touchdowns. Meanwhile, Lions quarterback Jared Goff lost two fumbles in a pretty awful 30 minute showing for the home team.

Love was 15-of-20 passing for 189 yards and two scores while Goff was 8-of-16 for 100 yards.

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