Labour MP’s Cleverly-swearing incident caught on camera

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An MP has claimed the new home secretary is “unclearly unfit for his high office” over comments heard during PMQs.

As Alex Cunningham asked the PM about children in his Stockton North constituency living in poverty, several people reported hearing “because it is a shithole” from the Tory benches (around five seconds into this clip).

The Labour MP raised a point of order after the Autumn Statement naming James Cleverly, and said the audio had been “checked and checked and checked again”.

A spokesman for Mr Cleverly initially said he “did not say that, and would not”. But 24 hours later an apology for “unparliamentary language” was issued, and the frontbencher claimed he called Mr Cunningham a “shit MP”.

James Cleverly admits calling Labour MP ‘unparliamentary’ word

James Cleverly denies calling Stockton North derogatory term

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