NFL Deletes Josh Allen Tweet Following Accusations of Hypocrisy Surrounding Controversial Fine

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The NFL fined Josh Allen for celebrating a touchdown by pointing his finger.

Then the NFL promoted itself — and Allen’s talent as a dual-threat quarterback for the Buffalo Bills — by using an image of the same finger-pointing celebration that he was fined for.


The NFL finally decided to celebrate Josh Allen’s TD celebration

Fans were quick to point out the social media hypocrisy, which stemmed from an official NFL GameDay account associated with the league.

“Josh Allen should sue and I’m not joking,” one fan suggested as NFL fans took to X to air their views.

“Quite possibly the most NFL of NFL things tbh,” another fan said.

“Hey NFL give my boy Josh Allen his money back!” a third fan wrote.

“THE POST HAS BEEN DELETED!” a fourth fan tweeted.

Which was true.

The celebratory Allen tweet soon disappeared.

Of course, someone saved an image of the instantly debated graphic for the world’s social media archives.

Allen easily ran into the end zone after pointing his finger at a helpless Bengal


Allen easily ran into the end zone after pointing his finger at a helpless BengalCredit: Getty

The original Allen-pointing controversy started in Week 9 during a 24-18 road defeat to Cincinnati.

As the Bills QB ran into the end zone for a touchdown, a quick point at Bengals defender Nick Scott resulted in a 15-yard penalty flag.

Video footage showed Allen laughing as he ran in for a walk-in score.

Allen then reacted in disbelief to receiving a flag for briefly pointing a finger.

Fans responded by calling the NFL as the ‘No Fun League,’ highlighting a double standard for player celebrations.

That double standard reached a new peak when the league promoted itself by promoting Allen’s penalized celebration.

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