PM Modi proposes $25 million fund for Development Partnership in Global South

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday proposed the setting up of a Social Impact Fund to implement digital public infrastructure (DPI) in countries of the Global South and called for global regulations on artificial intelligence (AI) to make it safe for society.
“To implement DPI in countries of the Global South, I propose to establish a Social Impact Fund.On behalf of India, I also announce an initial amount of $25 million for this. I hope that all of you will join this initiative,” the PM said in his opening remarks at the virtual G20 summit hosted by India. He said the decision at the G20 summit in September to create a DPI repository has been implemented and over 50 DPIs from 16 countries have been included in it.
India had projected its success with DPI such as Aadhaar, UPI, Co-Win and others during its presidency of the G20 and proposed to share its experience with other countries, particularly in the Global South.Calling for using technology safely in the age of AI, the PM said there is an increasing concern all over the world about the negative use of AI.
“India has a clear thinking that we should work together on the global regulation of AI. Understanding the seriousness of deepfakes, how dangerous it is for society and for an individual, we have to move forward. We want AI to reach people and it must be safe for society,” said Modi, reiterating his concern over deepfakes and its impact on people and society.
He said India is organising the Global AI partnership summit and sought cooperation of G20 members.
Modi cited the success of the aspirational districts programme as an example of the progress of sustainable development goals (SDGs) at the local level and urged the G20 members to assess the plan.

“I invite the G20 countries, the Global South, to study the aspirational district programme. You will see how this one campaign has helped India change the lives of 25 crore people,” said the PM.
The PM said that through the Global Biofuels Alliance launched during the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi, India is promoting the development of alternative fuels along with reducing carbon.
“G20 has recognised mission LiFE — lifestyle for environment for a pro-planet approach. There has been a call to triple the use of renewable energy by 2030… The need to take climate finance from billions to trillions has been recognised. In a few days, during COP-28 being held in UAE, concrete steps need to be taken on all these initiatives,” said the PM.

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India had managed to secure a rare consensus against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war that had created a deep divide in the group of developed and emerging economies.
The PM said a new working group on women empowerment has also been formed. India had pushed for women-led development as a key theme under its presidency.

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