Kharge accuses PM of covertly including his caste in OBC category, claims Kharge | India News

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Jaipur: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge raised Tuesday questions about PM Narendra Modi‘s caste, alleging a discrepancy in his OBC status. Speaking at the launch of Congress’s manifesto for the November 25 Rajasthan elections, Kharge claimed that Modi, belonging to the Ghanchi-Teli community, “stealthily” included it in the OBC category during his tenure as Gujarat CM.
This move, according to Kharge, contradicts Modi’s current stand opposing a caste census despite claiming to be an OBC.”If Congress forms the government at the Centre, a caste census will be conducted not only in Rajasthan but across the nation,” he promised.
He also accused Modi of having no substantial issues to deliberate upon and instead focusing solely on criticising Congress and spreading misinformation. “He abuses me, Rahul Gandhi, and recently he has started abusing Ashok Gehlot as well. Modi said I abused his father… What right do I have to speak about his father? I lost my mother, sister, and uncle in riots when I was seven. Just my father and I were left alive. I am saying this to let you know that we do not speak like him (Modi),” Kharge said.
Kharge highlighted key aspects of the Congress manifesto, highlighting its focus on the welfare of the poor. He recalled guarantees by Congress during the UPA era, such as NREGA and the National Food Security Act, which withstood scepticism and continued successfully.

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