Taylor Swift welcomed into another sports family as she bonds with Travis Kelce while caring for WWE legend’s kids

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Taylor Swift has one thing in common with a 235 lb male wrestler from Scotland – they’ve both babysat Jeff Jarrett’s children.

Swift has found herself immersed in another sporting family due to her relationship with Travis Kelce but thankfully it’s a world she knows all too well.


Swift has been spotted at Chiefs games with Kelce’s familyCredit: Getty

The Shake It Off singer’s romance with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has been going from strength to strength, having made a great impression on Kelce’s family.

However, to Jarrett that wouldn’t have been surprising considering the ease with which she slotted into his household once upon a time.

Swift, who was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Tennessee, was neighbours with Jarrett during his tenure working for TNA after he left WWE.

The future 12-time Grammy Award winner would occasionally babysit Jarrett’s children while also performing private gigs in his house.

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During an exclusive interview with in August, ‘Double J’ said of Swift: “She’s from Hendersonville – a friend of the family.

“There was a recent tweet that resurfaced and people were like “is that photoshopped” and I’m like “who’s going to go out of their way to photoshop Taylor in my house playing the piano?”

Jarrett came to prominence for his own musical skills around the time Swift was born after debuting a country music star gimmick in WWE.

He has starred in his own music video and even brought his guitar to his talkSPORT appearance – which he later smashed over Grado’s head.

She was once a regular visitor in the Jarrett household


She was once a regular visitor in the Jarrett householdCredit: Twitter/ Jeff Jarrett
Swift played piano for Jarrett's daughters


Swift played piano for Jarrett’s daughtersCredit: Twitter/ Jeff Jarrett

However, Jarrett’s connection with Swift, originally a country singer herself, has meant he’s not the biggest music video star in his own family.

Jarrett told talkSPORT: “It’s amazing. There’s a video called ‘Mine’, my daughters are in the video!

“Did you hear about her making an earthquake in Seattle? You think about a girl – she went to the same high school that my kids went to.

“You just kinda put that in context and wow!”

Asked whether Swift is a wrestling fan, Grado interrupted to joke: “She’s a big Grado fan! A big big Grado fan!

“He [Jeff] said he used to send her quite a lot of my DVDs – ‘the best of Grado Volume 3’, she preferred Volume 3, that was her favourite.”

Jarrett's daughter appeared in Mine which has raked in over 300million views


Jarrett’s daughter appeared in Mine which has raked in over 300million viewsCredit: YouTube
Kelce's relationship with Swift has made headlines around the world


Kelce’s relationship with Swift has made headlines around the worldCredit: Getty

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