Steph Curry Expresses his Opinions on Viral Encounter with NBA Rookie

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Golden State Warriors fans were shocked and amused last month when they witnessed Stephen Curry attempt to beat San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama during tip-off at the start of a preseason game.

Wembanyama is seven-foot-four and Curry is, of course, not but they still met at halfcourt.

The four-time champion gave it his all but he came up short, literally.

Speaking to NBC Sports, Curry shed some light on how that funny moment materialized.

“You get Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr in a room and some funny stuff’s going to happen for sure,” Curry said.

Curry admitted that he was laughing on the inside at the major mismatch but was “trying to scare him a little bit.”

“I gave it everything I have,” Curry said.

This was a very interesting moment that could have only happened during the NBA preseason.

Of course, during a regular season game, Kerr would never choose to have Curry step up for the jump ball against Wembanyama.

But during the preseason, coaches and players are known to have a bit more fun and take things less seriously.

Kerr was obviously having some fun and hoping to create some laughs and Curry was clearly along for the ride.

The Warriors and Spurs haven’t met since that preseason game.

However, that will change soon as they are set to face off on Friday, November 24.

There is no chance that Curry and Wembanyama will square off like this again during that game but they are both going to play very hard against each other.

The Spurs are currently the worst team in the West with a 3-10 record.

Meanwhile, the Warriors are also struggling in tenth place with 6-8.

The next time Curry and Wenbanyama meet, it’ll be important for both of them.

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