Revealing the Measles Immunization Deficiencies in India

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— with the highest number of infants who did not receive the measles-containing vaccine (MCV) MCV1.

The 10 countries were India (1.1 million), Nigeria (3 million), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1.8 million), Ethiopia (1.7 million), Pakistan (1.1. million), Angola (0.8 million), Philippines (0.8 million), Indonesia (0.7 million), Brazil (0.5 million), and Madagascar (0.5 million).

Unpacking the WHO and CDC Report on Measles Immunization Challenges

With 40,967 cases, India was reported among the 37 countries that experienced significant outbreaks in 2022, compared with 22 countries in 2021.


Globally, 33 million children missed a measles vaccine dose in 2022 — nearly 22 million missed their first dose and an additional 11 million missed their second dose.

Immunization against measles worldwide reached its lowest levels since 2008 during the pandemic, resulting in an estimated 9 million measles cases (18 percent increase) and 136,000 estimated measles deaths (43 percent increase) in 2022 compared with 2021.

“The increase in measles outbreaks and deaths is staggering, but unfortunately, not unexpected given the declining vaccination rates we’ve seen in the past few years,” said John Vertefeuille, director of CDC’s Global Immunization Division.

“Measles cases anywhere pose a risk to all countries and communities where people are under-vaccinated. Urgent, targeted efforts are critical to prevent measles disease and deaths,” he added. The report urged countries to find and vaccinate all children against measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

“To continue progress toward measles elimination, all children should receive 2 MCV doses to address pandemic-related immunity gaps and measles surveillance should be strengthened,” the report said.

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Source: IANS

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