Ideal Choice for Novice Collectors: The Ultimate Turntable

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I love music, and though modern music streaming allows me to have any album or song I could possibly think of, right in the palm of my digital hand, there’s something so special about playing physical copies of my favorite songs. Long before I ever had a means to play them, I collected vinyl records, CDs and cassette tapes. Then in high school, I scrimped and saved so I could buy a small suitcase record player, which I basically lived in front of for several years… until it broke. 

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Over time, I’d become more involved and educated in the world of vinyl record care and collecting, so I was much more discriminating when I went to upgrade my turntable. I wanted something that was in my budget, was (sort of) portable, delivered high-quality sound and kept my records in good condition. Enter Audio-Technica’s AT-LP60XBT

This entry-level turntable delivered on everything I needed. It’ll set you back $219, which is more expensive than suitcase record players, but for a high-quality turntable, it’s a pretty reasonable price. The AT-LP60XBT is easy to move — mine has withstood four moves over the last three years, and all the shuffling hasn’t compromised its quality. 

Most important, it delivers great sound, and keeps my records nice and safe. I take comfort in knowing that I can spin my favorite LPs and I won’t have to worry about my turntable inflicting damage on my records. 

The AT-LP60XBT is Bluetooth capable, so all you’ll need is a solid bluetooth speaker, and you’ll be set. Though the turntable doesn’t come with speakers, you can purchase a speaker and turntable bundle on Amazon. I was in college when I bought my turntable, and I purchased the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 (which has been discontinued, but the Wonderboom 3 will do the trick just the same).

 If you’re looking for a solid starter turntable to fire up your collection, the AT-LP60XBT is a pretty perfect choice. 

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