‘The Heron Catchers’: How Location Dictates Everything

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In all three of David Joiner’s novels to date — “Lotusland,” “Kanazawa” and now “The Heron Catchers” — it’s all about location, location, location. While 2022’s “Kanazawa” is set in the streets of Ishikawa Prefecture’s capital, “The Heron Catchers” takes the reader out to Yamanaka Onsen, a small town an hour to the south.

“Setting is always really important to me in a book,” Joiner says. “I start with the setting. I want to write books that are set where I live because I want to contribute something to the places that I call home.”

The Heron Catchers, by David Joiner. 280 pages, STONE BRIDGE PRESS, Fiction.

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