Texans Head Coach Responds to Extensive Roster of Injured Players

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The tides have turned for the Houston Texans. 

C.J. Stroud has played as good, if not better than advertised, which has already resulted in more wins than they had during the entire 2022 season.

While Stroud and the Texans have played well this season, they face a tough test ahead of their Week 10 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals.

One of the obstacles they face is their injury report, which currently has 23 players on it.

While this might bog a coaching staff down, DeMeco Ryans has chosen to think positively about the team’s situation.

When discussing his current predicament, Ryans said, “Things don’t go your way all the time, so I continue to smile through it.”

He also said, “We’re going to have our best guys out there.”

While 23 players are on the injured list, that number is likely to decrease by the opening kickoff in this game.

Even though those players might find a way to suit up for the game, having limited practice could be a detriment in preparing for the red-hot Bengals.

Still, Ryans is unbothered.

Nobody expected the Texans to compete in Stroud’s first year given their recent track record.

The fact that they are 4-4 is an impressive feat, and given the fact that several of their key players are injured, the Texans are massive underdogs in this game.

Can Stroud and Ryans figure out a game plan to beat the Bengals with their current cast of characters?

Fans will be interested to see how this one plays out on both sides of the ball.

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