Laz Alonso, Star of The Boys, Shares His Unpleasant Encounter with The Deep’s Gills in Real Life

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In season 2, The Deep has a bizarre duet with his gills (voiced by Patton Oswalt), requiring Crawford to get all decked out in his prosthetics. Alonso explained that the day after Crawford shot the scene, he saw the chest plate and gills lying out in the makeup trailer and he wanted to get a closer look. He also touched them, which apparently led to some motion and a sliming, as described by Alonso:

“It moved. I literally ended up on the other side of the makeup trailer and my had was dripping white, like clear goo. It was very lubricated. Very slippery. […] And the gills moved by them They were like, they moved on their own.”

The “goo” probably helps keep the gills looking properly moist, although it’s possible that some of that was Crawford’s sweat mixed in, because anyone who’s ever worn prosthetics for a long period knows that the sweatiness is real. There are also several layers of prosthetics going on, because the gillscan move … they just need a bit of assistance.

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